Ruby on Rails Development

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Ruby on Rails is a free web application development platform that follows MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. ROR is versatile framework that is aimed to increase speed and easiness in creating medium to large sized applications. Ruby on Rail comprises of three in-build mechanisms which are Convention over Configuration (COC), Do Not Repeat Yourself (DRY) and Agile methodology, and so it becomes the fastest application development of the present time. Ruby on Rails is written in Ruby programming language. RoR is available in different packages namely action web service, action mailer, active record, active support and action pack. Compared to other programming languages, Ruby language is easier hence developer can naturally obtain more work with RoR in fewer time.

Advantages of ROR Development:

  • Quick development of application, as less coding required
  • Agile methodology allows for rapid application development
  • Builds some basic models required web application development by itself, as it has auto-construct feature
  • Much time can be saved during web development, as ROR automatically retrieves data from database
  • It's easy to use any and simpler platform having world wide acceptance
  • It supports Ajax

ROR development framework has characteristics that support quick and easy development of web applications. HorizonCore is an offshore web development company that owns immense experience in developing effective and attractive Ruby on Rail solutions according to the requirements of its clients. HorizonCore possess a team of dedicated Ruby on Rail programmers, who expertise in delivering prompt and innovative ROR solutions with in given time period.

Below mentioned is the list of area where our ROR developers expertise

  • ROR e-Commerce development
  • ROR CMS development
  • ROR based Custom Business applications
  • ROR application maintenance, migration and testing services
  • ROR Community web portal development

Hire professional Ruby on Rails developers at HorizonCore, as they have capacity to maintain the high standards ROR and fulfill your expectation. Experienced ROR developers have capability in creating ingenious solutions for CMS, networking requirements and custom application development.

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