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The world of internet is growing consistently with each passing day, and web usage is growing with it. Browsers are considered the best way to interact with World Wide Web. It has been seen that Browser Plug-ins are best way to enhance web browsing experience for internet users. Browser Plug-ins are programs or set of functions, written to add specific functionality/features to your browser. Plug-in can be developed for any web browser to overcome its individual limitations or to add new functionality for ease of users.

HorizonCore Infosoft has a team of dedicated browser plug-in developers. Our developers are dedicated and well-versed in the area of plug-in development. HorizonCore is one of the leading companies in Web Browser Plug-in development and we outshine others in developing Chrome, Firefox & Safari Plug-ins. Also, we have extensive experience in developing cross browser plug-in using NPAPI and C APIs.

With more than 10 years of experience, we have huge diversified clientele to prove our influence in the market.

Choose from a variety of hiring models

We provide the flexibility of choosing the best suited engagement model to all our clients.


The billing is done on a periodic basis such as 2-4 weeks

for large and longer term projects


The billing is done according to the time spent by the team

for small sized, short term projects largely for maintenance

Fixed Cost

The billing is done according to a fixed project cost

for larger projects with definitive requirement

HorizonCore provides following services for Browser Plug-in Development.:

  • XML based Dynamic Toolbar Developments
  • Dynamic Toolbar Settings Development
  • Skin-able Toolbar Creation
  • Multi-level Menu creation with Icons
  • Toolbar Alerts
  • Cross Browser Toolbar Development
  • Custom Browser Extension Development
  • Mac Browser Toolbar development
  • Pop-up Blockers Development
  • Custom Google Chrome Extension development
  • Toolbar Building Services
  • API based Toolbar Options

Why Choose Us?

Team of Experienced Developers

We have a team of qualified professionals who have extensive expertise in developing compelling and creative final product that delivers outstanding performance.

Customized Solutions

We pride ourselves in having the ability to build revolutionary products. Also, we implement best problem-solving strategies to rule out your IT problems.

High Customer Satisfaction Ratio

We have served clients in 22+ countries and have never failed in giving value for their money. We can do everything feasible to provide satisfaction with our services.

Proven Methodologies

We possess vast experience of working with a diversified client-base and modern technologies that have enabled us to adopt ethical practices and proven methodologies.

Uninterrupted Communication

We are accessible via Skype, Email, Phone, etc., so you can connect with our team at any time to reduce complexity and improve the productivity of your project.

Competitive Pricing

We have delivered excellent services at a competitive price, in a predefined time. Our solutions provide assured performance with specified requirements of the clients.

HorizonCore InfoSoft offers highly experienced browser plug-in developer for hire. For any further information on Browser Plug-in Development services you can directly contact us.

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