CAD Services

Our company is unique in that it brings the most innovative business process solutions and the most advanced Internet-based technologies together under one roof.

HorizonCore's CAD services can provide you highly qualified and experienced staff for any of your CAD services related requirements

CAD Services

  • Mechanical Designing

    Supports you in all possible capabilities and processes required to develop your products.

  • Electrical Designing

    Completes solutions for Electrical System Design that confirms to all applicable codes, standards and the project requirements.

  • Structural Designing

    Covers an entire spectrum of services ranging from designing to detailing of different types of reinforced concrete and steel structures.

  • Electronic Designing

    Specified electronic designs with minimal possible component count.

CAD Drafting Services

  • Electrical Drafting Services

    Wide range of electrical drafting services including electrical site plans, electrical power and lighting system plans, electrical panel schedules and electrical one line diagrams.

  • Mechanical Drafting Services

    Our highly skilled professionals will transform ideas, rough sketches, specifications and instructions from your engineers and scientists into detailed drawings.

  • Electronic Drafting Services

    Provides specialized service in electronic components library, electronic Schematic drawings, automotive electronic wiring drawings and digital electronics.

  • Architectural Drafting Services

    Comprehensive architectural drawing services combining creativity with the latest CAD technology.

  • Structural Drafting Services

    Structural analysis with standard software packages, foundation plan drawings, chimney foundation drawings etc.

2D/3D Modeling

  • Mechanical Modeling

    Ideal for conceptual product design and development.

  • Architectural Modeling

    2D/3D modeling of buildings, internal and external fixtures etc.

Advantages of CAD Services

  • Exceptional quality
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • High accuracy - six sigma
  • Quick turn-around processing time
  • Highly skilled professionals
  • Pragmatic and flexible approach

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