Twilio – Eminence in SMS and VOIP

Twilio API is completely dominating the market when it comes to texting and voice calls. This fast growing firm’s platform is used by 700,000 developers all around the globe.


You need not build a text functionality of your app from the scratch; instead you can use the Twilio API for sending text and multimedia messages. In similar way if you need to make actual phone calls programmatically, then Twilio lets you integrate real-time phone calls into your applications.


Twilio offers multiple APIs that can be sub categorized into two main API formats.


  • Primary API – This API allows you to send SMS (text) and MMS(multimedia) messages, as well as also allows real time phone calls


  • Copilot API – Generates phone numbers from a user local region and sends message to larger number of audiences. It is named copilot as it has to work with primary API as a copilot to it.


Now, the Primary Twilio API is more likely to be used while starting a new project whereas the Copilot Twilio API is most useful for scaling an existing project.


Here are some of the amazing advantages that you get for working with Twilio. These advantages are diversified in Voice and Messaging:


  • Voice:

    • Phone to Phone – Twilio voice API can be used to make, receive and control phone calls, to and from phone numbers around the globe.
    • App to Phone – Using Twilio client SDKs, you can make calls between mobile & web apps with landlines & mobile phones.
    • App to App – Using Twilio real-time communication SDKs, App to App voice & video calling can be enabled.
    • Many to Many – Using Twilio Global Conferencing API, conference calls can be established between multiple connections all around the world.
    • Call Routing – Use Task Router API for communication within software application.


  • Messaging:

    • Twilio SMS – Send, receive and track messages using your number and name.
    • Twilio MMS – Exchange multimedia messages and more over through phone numbers
    • Toll-Free SMS – Send and receive text messages for free with toll-free numbers.
    • IP Messaging – Embedded contextually, in app messaging at global scale can be accomplished.


With such vast variety of options that have their own unique advantages amongst many APIs, Twilio is by far the most utilized and trustable Voice & Messaging API provider and have successfully demonstrated the power through its huge clientele that includes well-known names.


HorizonCore InfoSoft has Twilio developers that have utilized Twilio API and have ample amount of experience to overcome any challenge in this field. If you want to create a Web or Mobile App with Twilio API included or if you want to integrate Twilio in your current existing App then just send us an Inquiry and we will get back to you.

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