Top 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing is Good Option For Business

Is it wise to Outsource?

Have you ever faced that a tool created problem for you, which you bought to solve your problems actually! It is absolutely expected when you spend a lot without investing in research. Each situation has different perspectives of view. As two different sides of the same coin. There is some difference of opinions regarding Outsourcing in the global market. But latest facts and figures show that people turned to outsource their IT projects for a better result. It is best to hire dedicated developers india to reduce the complexity of management in your organization.


“Around the world Year on year, IT services spending is expected to increase at a rate of around 5.5 percent.”


Statistic: Global outsourcing industry revenue from 2010 to 2017, by service type (in billion U.S. dollars)* | Statista
According to Statista in 2017, India was the best country for offshoring IT services. In 2018, spending on IT services is expected to amount to around 1003 billion U.S. dollars worldwide.

Here we have so many numbers that prove the  Each business needs some customization for their application for smooth operation of the system.

So, let’s find the reasons why outsourcing is a good option.

1. 24*7 Service

For your business, if you want to have 24 hours services you need to hire lots of resources and of course, have to manage various shifts and all. While if you go with Outsourcing they allow you to hire a dedicated developer. Irrelevant to the fixed working hours they provide the benefits of flexibility of work time. It is something like charry on the top when you get the extra benefits of spending less.

2. Continuous Coordination:

If you are aware of the outsourcing process there is one responsible person. That guy deals with your process dedicatedly. So, you can have your own exclusive manager or can say, managers, if you have multiple processes to outsource. Practically it is hard to hire experts for all the domains for development of your web application or E-Commerce. By outsourcing, you can hire dedicated developers india to save that cost and spend it on your core business process.

3. World Class development:

In the field of Mobile & Web application and other IT services, there is an important role of innovation and research. Thanks to various groups, forums of IT professionals and freelancers or tech persons with it knowledge sharing and interchange of expertise is possible around the world. This enhances the quality of service. All around the world developers frequently organize webinars, discuss on open forums, crack a coding quiz and so on. This made developers able to deliver top-notch web development services.

4. Strict NDA:

But naturally,  privacy and confidentiality of your business data are the most important in every manner for us. Keep calm and review the Indian Lows of Information technology Act 2002, Income Tax act 1961, Intellectual property law, Indian Contract Act 1872and other related rules which are subject to interpretation. We follow the strict No Declaration Agreements as far as our client is concern.

5. Building Relationship:

It isn’t just an outsourcing, it is your virtual companion for your business.

At HorizonCore we provide a complete outsourcing service for your business. We aim to build a strong business relationship, for that no boundaries can stop us. We frequently visit our client place for real-time data gathering to strengthen the system and up-gradation with a realistic approach. That made us capable to carry out the desired result.”


So, what are you waiting for? If you are an entrepreneur or looking for initiating a startup, get a free quote from us and stay relaxed!

Niyanta Bhatt

Web Analyst cum IT Support at HorizonCore InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd.

An analyst by nature and passionate about learning and developing new stuff in new technologies. Worked across SDLC including requirement gathering, analysis & implementation of ERP. Dealing with DevOps and always ready for the innovative task.

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