Tips to develop Trending E-Commerce Web Apps

With technology touching its new high every day, people prefer to get their needed items from a needle to automobile sitting at home. A survey says that this e-commerce business will grow a minimum of 392 Billion dollars in next year 2018 and more 440 Billion dollars in 2019.

The surge in e-commerce app is visible throughout the world with apps promising new features to their customers, but not all of them see success. Many e-commerce apps don’t even get noticed and many don’t fulfill the expectations of customers and result in complete failure.


Few native features of device such as Camera, QR code scanner, Location based service also play an integral part in creating satisfactory user experience.  Building a mobile app is a sound investment if your business can gain advantage from these native features.


Here are few tips that will help you in E-Commerce development.


  • Security comes first – Never, means never ever, compromise on security. Security must be kept as a cornerstone of entire applications development process.  One should always focus first on keeping entire customer’s information both financial and personal secured. One should ensure that complete application is secure including cloud infrastructure.


  • Mobile Storefront – Imagination is only limited by imagination. In this case that is completely true, some recent ones that are gaining popularity are e-commerce storefronts. It would be best to have Instagram-like images, Concise description and click-to-pay options.


  • Buying must be a seamless Process – Don’t ever make your user search for information to place an order. Buying any product on app must be an effortless process that requires minimum clicks. Steps to purchase a product from your app, entering shipping address and checkout button should be clearly visible so that they can be quickly located by new users.


  • Integrate Speed with Scalability – Always remember it’s not only about image and discounts, and that speed also matters. User may want to research, compare as well as purchase products in a matter of few minutes. Also, the backend must be scalable to withstand multiple thousands of users at any given point of time.


  • Evolution for Success – Regardless of your service, you may come across several ideas on daily basis but you may never implement them. Sometimes it gets necessary to provide with new features and latest trends to keep that attracted to your app. You should always think of different ways to Spark your creativity from time to time and sometimes going out of your industry will help you to develop an idea.


HorizonCore is one of the leading Mobile app development companies that exceed in terms of experience and success in creating Mobile applications. We specialize in creating E-commerce mobile apps and have successfully launched multiple apps with positive feedback. If you have any idea or want to create a mobile app of your own to significantly increase your revenue then you can contact us or drop an email and we will get back to you.

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