NGINX is an Open Source & free HTTP server that provides high performance and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 server.  NGINX is known for its high performance, stability, simple configuration and low resource consumption.


NGINX was written as an answer to C10K problem.  NGINX doesn’t rely on threads to handle requests like traditional servers do; instead it uses much more scalable event-driven architecture (asynchronous). This architecture uses small but predictable amount of memory when under load.


The list of core features provided by NGINX goes on and on but here are few of them listed as below


  • HTTP origin server


  • Massively scalable event-driven architecture


  • Reverse Proxy for HTTP, TCP, UDP and mail


  • HTTP/2 termination, SSL/TLS termination


  • Rate limiting and bandwidth management


  • Dual Stack RSA-ECC certificates


To balance load and provide excellent application delivery NGINX plus provides content switching and request routing, session persistence, advance cache control and service discovery using DNS.


NGINX also provides high level security with HTTP basic authentication, HTTP authentication sub-requests, IP access control list, Secure Links, JWT authentication and OpenID Connect SSO.


Due to all of the above mentioned reasons many huge names around the world are using NGINX server, few of those names are GitHub, Netflix,, Zynga and many more


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