In 2016 & 2017, many technologies turned out that were not expected; many new trends were followed in technologies that were completely out of the blue. We have researched the reasons and causes for that and came up with all possible trends related to latest technology & innovation that are likely to be followed in 2018.


World has gone digital, and technology will be embedded in everything in near future. Here are few of the latest technology & innovation that are more than likely to trend in 2018.


  • Smart and Intelligent apps – Applications that have potential to transform workplace by making everyday task easier and powers its users with more effective features. Every Mobile app category, ranging from security tooling to enterprise application will be infused with AI technologies. Such AI will help with Advance Analytics and Autonomous Business. You can expect these apps to not only know how to support and enable user’s decisions, but also they can continuously learn from user interactions and become even more relevant and valuable to those users.


  • Virtual & Augmented Reality – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality falls under immersive technologies. They transform the way individuals interact with each other and with softwares. Augmented Reality will provide a mix blend of real and virtual world that means one can overlay graphics on real world objects. AR and VR, both expand beyond visual immersion for human senses.


  • Intelligent Things – Intelligent things fall into 3 categories namely robots, drones and autonomous vehicles. Each of these three categories is expected to impact a large segment of market. Existing IoT (Internet of Things) devices will be seen almost everywhere from offices to manufacturing units. The physical world would soon be digitalized completely.


  • Digital wins – The digital Twins form a link between the physical world’s data and digital world’s data. That implies in near future you can expect a dynamic software model of physical thing to operate and respond same as in the physical world. A digital Twin can be used to Analyze and Stimulate real world conditions and improve our working.


  • Adaptive Security Architecture – Due to such extent of hike in modern digitalization, security also has to become more fluid and adaptive. Adaptive security architecture demands integration of preventive, detective and response capabilities to make security adaptive and future risk ready.


According to our research, these technologies are bound to shape the near future in their own individual way. We have good experienced team of developers for such futuristic technologies, and if you want to have any further queries then leave a mail for us here.