Hospitality providers needs Mobile apps for success

The mobile technology has taken significant technological advances, and this directly impacted our lives in multiple ways over the last decade. A survey says that around 84.6% people all over the globe have used mobile at least once to access news, pay bills and made shopping. This shows the huge potential of mobile apps as almost everyone is using them in numerous manners.


Currently, every business organization is trying to grasp over potential customers and enhance its reach to customers with digital marketing, cross-device targeting and mobile service delivery. Businesses those are successfully providing satisfactory mobile services to their customers have already seen gleaning results.


Importance of Mobile apps for Hospitality Providers

Travelers of current generation like to travel with gadgets such as a smart phone. The reason behind this is phones not only provide entertainment or connect to their family members & the world, but also proves to be helpful when one is trying to explore a new country or place.

A survey taken in 2015 shows that 92% of leisure travelers used smart phones and tablets during their vacation and about 48% of them accessed resourceful information through these devices. People booking their air & rail tickets as well as hotels to stay during travel and much more from their mobile devices.

So basically, if you are in hospitality industry and still don’t have an app to provide your services to customers than that means you may have lost innumerable business opportunities that could have significantly increased your business and ROI. In addition to this, apps can provide ways to stay connected with your customers and maintain relationship with them without newsletters or emails.


Below are some vital ways that signify importance of mobile apps for hospitality industry to enhance their business. These apps can also strengthen bond with existing customers at the same time attracting new customer prospects.


Makes Hospitality Services Easily Accessible

It is now a well known fact that mobile apps possess significant potential and if utilized effectively, they can help in making hospitality services accessible to worldwide customers. Using mobile apps, business of hospitality sector can offer and market its services to a wider range of audiences, by providing easier ways to access the services and that can directly attract interest of the customers. A key to success is to keep in mind that customers always look for hassle-free ways to make bookings, save time and access services. So it is pretty clear, an app that can server all the 3 aspects can become successful overtime.



POS systems can deliver amazing customer services, when it comes to mobile apps for hospitality industry. When the Point Of Sale systems operate as the mobile apps, they facilitate cashless transactions that are scalable to any business size. The payment systems that offer rewards to the customers can help any hospitality business to enhance its recognition and popularity among customers. Ease of payment is the key to increase your customer base.


Multi Channel Communication

Hospitality apps must allow the integration of diverse communication channel like push notifications and social media connections/login; thus, using these apps, hospitality business organizations can stay connected with their customers simultaneously providing them with relevant information and offers.


Competitive Advantage

Currently available apps are offering hotel and air travel tickets booking, but specific hotels are not having their individual apps. If a hotel launches its app, it can certainly enhance business and get massive competitive advantage over its counterparts. There are multiple ways the app can be used, booking rooms is just the start, customers can use the app even when arrive at hotel for daily communication or may be just ordering breakfast, lunch and dinner or scheduling a time for laundry and much more. Such daily deals communicated through the app could prove beneficial for both, customers and the hotel.


If you are in Hospitality Industry and want to make an app for your business then you can contact us at HorizonCore InfoSoft and let us handle the rest for you. We will make sure that you get the targeting app that will help your business to grow and reach numerous customer counts.


Pinakin Soni

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A senior technology professional with over 13 years of experience in Enterprise Architecture, Strategic Planning, IT Program and Project Delivery. Expertise in architecting and implementing large-scale business transformation projects that are multi-tiered and cross-functional with proven results.

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